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Our Ethos

Chemistry Driven Drug Discovery: no biological mechanism has an impact on human health until a molecule is discovered to disrupt it

We are bringing the best and most innovative chemistry to lanthipeptide discovery with a focus on drug resistant gram-negative bacteria and cancer therapy

We believe the impact that can be made by the best, most creative chemists, supported by the most sophisticated machine assisted chemistry tools has yet to be explored.


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New Path Molecular was founded in 2015 by Professor Steven Ley, now Emeritus Professor at the Dept of Chemistry, University of Cambridge UK, to focus on solving problems in drug discovery where the biology is well understood but can not be exploited without advances in synthetic chemistry.

“Complex synthesis remains a challenging occupation requiring an exceptional level of experimental skills, extensive knowledge of both mechanistic and molecular reactivity, and a bold, inventive and creative spirit. It is the combination of these qualities that transforms the synthesis process from one of simple logistics to an art form."

Professor Steven V. Ley, CBE FRS 


Our Team



Founder Prof Steve Ley

Prof Ley has published over 850 publications and patents and has been recognised by 43 major prizes and awards. He has a world reputation for his research into the development of new synthesis methods for the construction of biologically important molecules and the development of novel flow chemistry methods to enhance the capabilities of organic synthesis. Steve has been the BP 1702 Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge since 1992 and is currently Director of Research.


CEO Elizabeth Farrant

Elizabeth brings a 20 year track record of technology development and commercialisation in the pharmaceutical industry. During her career she has held leadership and commercial roles at SmithKline Beecham/GSK, Pfizer and a Pfizer spin-out. Originally trained as a synthetic chemist she has also published in chemical technologies, flow chemistry and lead diversification.


CTO Nikzad Nikbin

Nik has a degree in pharmacy and a PhD on the design and synthesis of bivalent ligands for adrenergic receptors. His recent work at the University of Cambridge GlaxoSmithKline's technology development lab and at the Innovative Technology Centre uses novel technologies to prepare functional molecules as diverse as drug candidates, agrochemicals and probes for studying biological processes. His work has been published in many highly cited peer reviewed journals. 



New Path Molecular

Our labs are located on the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge UK in the heart of the Cambridge Biotech hub.


New Path Molecular Research Ltd

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